Welcome to NAQAG

Thanks for visiting NAQAG. You might have some questions. There might be some answers here. If there are not, then please get in touch at hello@naqag.com .

What is NAQAG?
NAQAG is a philosophy. NAQAG is about curiosity. It is about building character, pushing yourself. It’s about seeing what’s around the next corner, over the crest. And it’s about finding out in style.

So what does NAQAG do?
We provide advice and inspiration to those seeking adventure. We produce images, movies and writing. We document adventures. We offer recommendations on gear and equipment.

Where and when did it all start?
In 2016 Nick and Alex were hiking the Tour du Mont Blanc. By the time they got to Courmayeur an idea had solidified. They lamented at how so much hiking gear was being made cheaper and cheaper and old world style and craftsmanship was lacking. From this sprung the desire to contribute positively to the planet and the people who want to explore it, to appreciate all its wonder.



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